Altered Carbon Season 2 | Main Trailer | Netflix

The past is haunting you. Anthony Mackie is Takeshi Kovacs in Season 2 of Altered Carbon, streaming February 27.
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Altered Carbon Season 2 | Main Trailer | Netflix
When a job brings Takeshi Kovacs back to Harlan's World in a new sleeve, he finds the planet at war - and his long-lost love lurking in the shadows.


  1. Blaze Light

    Blaze Light12 órája

    This is good as I’m just gonna wait till the last season before watching it all. Because I’m the type of people who pretty much lose interest in the series if the main character changes into a different actor. I mean it’s still good like watching GOT from season 1 - 6 lmao.

  2. Keep Forgetting

    Keep Forgetting13 órája

    (looks around ) Lemme be the first to say ...."isnt it kool that with the whole re-sleeving thing they can recast when ever!"

  3. yacineKCL

    yacineKCL13 órája

    race doesn't matter in the universe of Altered Carbon that's what's so special about it unlike other shows these days. so stop being dummy dummies

  4. Xan Robes

    Xan Robes13 órája

    Yey! Poe is alive!!!!!!!!!!

  5. The Bad Hombre

    The Bad Hombre13 órája

    Such an underrated show

  6. Lubble-1397

    Lubble-139713 órája




    Yes coming

  8. Anand 1337

    Anand 133714 órája

    Joel Kinnaman was perfect for the role, not really looking forward to season 2 as much now but hopefully it's just as good if not better.

  9. James Alexander

    James Alexander14 órája

    Excited but I think replacing Joel Kinnaman was a BIG LET DOWN

  10. Adam F

    Adam F15 órája

    Love this show, it’s like a better Blade runner while they need to not take so god damn long between seasons!

  11. Ares Langer

    Ares Langer15 órája

    The first season of this show was off the wall insane I loved. Very confusing tho

  12. Dead Man Drifting

    Dead Man Drifting15 órája

    “Diversity” and being PC it’s the new standard on movies/series... 2020 sucks

  13. Parker Ferguson

    Parker Ferguson15 órája

    jesus this took way to long

  14. Daniel

    Daniel15 órája

    I will pretend I am not even trigger that they swap the main character 😬😬😬😬😬😬😬

  15. Jake VenGraitis

    Jake VenGraitis16 órája

    Ima have to rewatch season 1 now it’s been so long I don’t even remember what happened

  16. ramathorn1982

    ramathorn198216 órája

    This month!

  17. Muhammad Satria

    Muhammad Satria16 órája

    Aw man, how long did i wait for this season.

  18. John Paul Laizure

    John Paul Laizure16 órája

    Hey guys! how can we capitalize on a well received story and look like we're cool hip tolerant people! ooo ooo me i know!! Let's get a p.o.c to be our main character and claim it's not to be a token character for more $$$! Do it know one will notice to many Americans are on drugs these days to notice, no one will ever catch us ;)

  19. billymahonyy

    billymahonyy16 órája

    nothing against this actor he seems like a cool guy, but I just don't get why they would ever change out the original guy. It was what made the show. My prediction is because of this choice, people will watch the show; but it won't get nearly as good reviews as the 1st, and people will lose interest. I also can't help but think the producers wanted to just put in a black dude as a main just to jump on the diversity train even more. I could be wrong.

  20. Edens Laguerre

    Edens Laguerre17 órája

    *sigh* Fine I’ll subscribe again Netflix 🙄

  21. Dudes of Culture

    Dudes of Culture17 órája

    Feels like this show is starting to feel like a cyberpunk Dr. Who

  22. Animax

    Animax17 órája

    ok, I calmed down, the Nazionale Securitat aint no joke, babe, but EUROPA s.a.r.l. aint no joke, either, so *

  23. Animax

    Animax17 órája


  24. Animax

    Animax18 órája

    this is all-in I guess in the poker-game of the smart-ones, hey, EUROPA is ready, wanna fuk-bassz-gyeduska ROMA

  25. Animax

    Animax18 órája

    u know guys, in Hungary we have "name-days" (a reason to even celebrate your first name given at birth) *** and mine is 27/02/2020

  26. Pako Moalosi

    Pako Moalosi18 órája


  27. Jen Tuesday

    Jen Tuesday18 órája

    Glad the AI is back.

  28. OVERLoRD

    OVERLoRD18 órája

    I think Season 1 is one of the best shows ever made!! With no Joel Kinnaman, this series is dead to us this side, don't care about story ramifications, just sucks. Fail . . .

  29. Yoara

    Yoara18 órája

    Thank frick they got rid of Joel Kinnaman. Nothing against him as a person, I think he's talented and all, but I felt like his portrayal of Kovacs was really unsympathetic. Looking forward to seeing Mackie's take on this character.

  30. Loki

    Loki19 órája

    Amos? Is that you?

  31. Matt Walters

    Matt Walters19 órája

    Idk if I like this, the way John kinnaman played kovacs is perfect

  32. Dr. Anshul Goel

    Dr. Anshul Goel19 órája

    How does changing body changes the accent??? 😅

  33. Sabau Alex

    Sabau Alex20 órája


  34. Isaac Zombikilla

    Isaac Zombikilla20 órája

    Can’t wait. Might watch season 1 again now.

  35. East Bay Bulliez

    East Bay Bulliez20 órája

    The hotel was okay 👌🏽😂

  36. NeroSurvives

    NeroSurvives21 órája

    netflics said he was to white last season

  37. twisted_void

    twisted_void21 órája

    Ah kinda wish they followed second book plot. But excited nonetheless

  38. JP Fragoso

    JP Fragoso21 órája

    Damn, how much money did Bancroft paid him, so he could afford Falcon as his next body?

  39. Ultimate Book Maniacs

    Ultimate Book Maniacs21 órája

    Am I the only one whose favorite character is Poe? Tak finally found Quell.

  40. Ultimate Book Maniacs

    Ultimate Book Maniacs21 órája

    How is Tak fighting himself?

  41. Sanjit Kumar

    Sanjit Kumar21 órája

    sooo HYPED!


    INKEDinARIZONA21 órája

    I was excited...

  43. RibataBG

    RibataBG22 órája


  44. Thiago Mat.

    Thiago Mat.22 órája

    Another good titlle ruined.

  45. RoxxPT

    RoxxPT22 órája

    Netflix .... where IS JOEL KINNAMAN ???

  46. Kürşat Keskin

    Kürşat Keskin22 órája

    I ll miss the swedish guy tho

  47. Sir Dade

    Sir Dade22 órája

    The first season came out of no where and was one of best shows of that year. Cant wait.

  48. Joseph Guy

    Joseph Guy23 órája

    the reason why they are not using the same guy is because netflix didn't want to pay him more money

  49. Serkan Mehmed Ali

    Serkan Mehmed Ali23 órája

    No Kinnaman and this "fly" face... Yeah I'm already not feeling up to the second season. Apart from the changing main actor, this season does look like it has lost its flash.

  50. irfan umar

    irfan umar23 órája

    He's the dude playing the dude who plays the other dude.

  51. MrMustBNice


    Oh snaps!!! They spun up Angela Valdez!!!

  52. Kaous


    I feel like a lot of yall sleepin on my boy A Mac like can't act or something. It's cool though.

  53. Self Effect

    Self EffectNapja

    Looks interesting and would be better as it’s own separate show named something else..but ehh, not really feelin’ the direction they went here. Not at all what I expected, kinda bummed. Still will watch for sure

  54. Brandon Louis

    Brandon LouisNapja

    Hyped af 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  55. Discipol


    The AI survived!

  56. Dan W.

    Dan W.Napja

    This show is amazing, too bad joel kinnaman isn't in it still though.. And that stupid chick from power is in it.. oh well still looks awesome

  57. AlleOps


    Where is Joel Kinnaman? ;(

  58. Gunnar Wilhelmi

    Gunnar WilhelmiNapja

    looks like the 3rd book, well I believe I´m not a friend of this Netflix-Project, 1st Season was bad and this looks not better.

  59. Free Rider

    Free RiderNapja

    нахер актера заменили, уроды. это уже обратный рассизм

  60. Iulian Cirstocea

    Iulian CirstoceaNapja

    This seems so much bad than the first seson.