Alfons - Corona (City Of Wuhan)


Once apon a time in the city of Wuhan virus expansion had begun
Mass isolation grand escalation leave your house you better go RUN
Plague like a shotgun people freaking out
Leaving wuhan don’t know what to do
But you better RUN to
It’s a new world view
It is here and it’s coming now you YOU
Corona Corona
Con ichi ichi wua
Corona Wuhana Mandarina Ichu wua
Corona Corona
Con ichi ichi wua
Corona Corona Coronaaa

Corona Song
Corona EDM song
Funny Corona Song
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  1. Joshua GT__

    Joshua GT__2 órája

    Heeeeeeeeee Hooooooooooo

  2. Shivadarshan P

    Shivadarshan P2 órája

    damn man out of all the corona songs!!! this one is sickkk

  3. Sissu

    Sissu2 órája

    Alfons never fails ❤

  4. TommyOriginal

    TommyOriginal3 órája

    I need 10 hours version please❤ #Alfons #Czech

  5. Ryan Ajax

    Ryan Ajax3 órája

    The best shit of 2020. Thanks Alfons ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  6. DaHofer

    DaHofer4 órája

    There are 1010 ppls listen this with 1$ Headphones

  7. Сабина Индира

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  8. Marcos Talión Santander Rerzeluix

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  9. Blex Yumi

    Blex Yumi4 órája

    Chinaaaaa coronaaaa

  10. Felipelv

    Felipelv4 órája

    Special Anthem for Trump? :D

  11. carey AR

    carey AR5 órája

    Amazing 🔥🔥🔥

  12. Fritz and the transmission

    Fritz and the transmission6 órája

    Old Alfons vibes, I love it 😍

  13. ciro99super

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  14. Brave 5'9

    Brave 5'96 órája

    this planet is Gaja and ghost of ours planet dont like fake smokes paint that bitch on your wall people and remember

  15. Just Music

    Just Music6 órája

    this is a lil bit racist....but for me im really racist,so really nice song XD lol

  16. Jogaila v

    Jogaila v8 órája

    Can you make 1 val this song

  17. Alberto Galami

    Alberto Galami8 órája

    ichi what?

  18. Vladimir Vladimirowich

    Vladimir Vladimirowich8 órája

    corona virus is fake virus :D nobody dont se him :D

  19. Marcel E.

    Marcel E.9 órája

    I just listen to the song, can not stop to grin and sing along "corona corona ichi ichi wua"- earworm already when listening just nice

  20. SnK-UnitedYt

    SnK-UnitedYt10 órája

    Those 900+ dislikes are the Asians that love eating bats

  21. D. Wolfin

    D. Wolfin10 órája

    Whilst I am all for raising awareness and reducing panic, this song is simply made in distaste on an issue which has effected so many people. Those who have fell ill, relatives who have passed away, even the loss of work due to societal shutdown. The EDM and such is nice, but the topic of the song and how it is portrayed is not okay, show a little empathy

  22. Ad Hi

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  23. momm non

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    DJEmzONEOFFICIAL13 órája

    Fuckyou Corona ,,/,,

  25. Jahangir Zadeh

    Jahangir Zadeh13 órája

    Best Music of May 2020 Lockdown !

  26. Rafraf Asamuddin

    Rafraf Asamuddin13 órája

    I thought its a documentary about corona, 😅😂😂

  27. Dariyan Ghasemi Gaxiola

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  28. cian mannion

    cian mannion14 órája

    Love it found it by accident

  29. Gata Na

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  31. L2er_ObStKorb

    L2er_ObStKorb16 órája

    What is corona?

  32. Russian Randy

    Russian Randy17 órája

    I had the corona in vegas last january... weak a$$ virus...

  33. Wesley

    Wesley17 órája

    1.25x speed sounds good ❤

  34. UmoruLP

    UmoruLP18 órája

    Nice Song 👍

  35. TENSHI

    TENSHI18 órája

    PLAGUE LIKE A SHOTGUN... OMG 😂 It is sooo awesome earcatching

  36. m e

    m e18 órája

    I'm listening already like 30 minutes and I can't stop listening! Amazing song I'm in love 🔥🔥🔥

  37. marco collaguazo

    marco collaguazo19 órája

    Alguien más que hable español

  38. Romet Aljas

    Romet Aljas20 órája


  39. Jacek Hudomiet

    Jacek Hudomiet20 órája

    We miss you bud in Hungary hope you can return soon


    LOST PLACES SCOUTI8920 órája

    Du bist und bleibst der beste mit deiner Musik. Ausgefallene und einfach nur spitze.

  41. WolfsGameur-ak

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  42. Aaron Martheyn

    Aaron Martheyn22 órája

    The himno de coronavirus

  43. Phamtomeria Lia

    Phamtomeria Lia22 órája

    Con ichi wua? Hear like Konichiwa 🙄 bat that is japan , wuhan is chinese 🙁

  44. pizza

    pizza22 órája

    fuuuucking helll this is soooo good...... there should be a repeat button on youtube, great u released it on spotify ;)

  45. Mirko Gfc

    Mirko Gfc23 órája

    China has left

  46. Jan Buchar

    Jan BucharNapja

    So great! Quickly write it down before Aronchupa steals it xD

  47. Nicholas


    Fucking Corona

  48. Леха Диюенко

    Леха ДиюенкоNapja

    russian rasta

  49. GreyzoneProduction



  50. kiera johnstone

    kiera johnstoneNapja

    This got passed to me, love the beat and song, time too pass it on to someone else ❤#Alfons

  51. HKer 420

    HKer 420Napja

    👍 nice

  52. Lukass Gtr

    Lukass GtrNapja

    Greetings from Czech.....we will fight this shit and we will win !!

  53. hide behind a smile

    hide behind a smileNapja

    If a child in about 40 years asks me how it was with coronavirus I'll show them this.

  54. India's DJ NAN

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    Unsubscribe today..

  55. Raja Fareez

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  56. nerijus ambrasas

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    This music gives me power ; D

  57. JB



  58. David B.

    David B.Napja

    Who before milion💪😎

  59. Csokinyuszi


    Im just thinking about that Alfons in the music studio singing Corona time in him deep sound and in the outside the people what thinking 😂 #magyar_army

  60. Varga Attila

    Varga AttilaNapja

    It's a WTF moment

  61. nismoztune80


    Scientists found out how to kill the corona virus They claim playing Nickelback will kill the virus instantly

  62. witnessッ vzard

    witnessッ vzardNapja

    Me: listening this song Suddenly bell rangs (open doors) Me:see every where no one i take scope and show down Some type of insect Me:who r u? He:it is me Me:who He:i am Corona i want to join your party Me:sure but promise you don't infect me and always help me He:what help? Me:those person who dangerous for me u infect it He:ok

  63. joka 360

    joka 3603 órája

    and then you start listen astronomia

  64. m e

    m e18 órája

    Lmao tf

  65. Giorgio Tiani

    Giorgio TianiNapja

    Can you remake the song with a better drop because the song is amazing but I want that the song became better

  66. Ben.Bo.o


    1000. Comment

  67. Richard Bell

    Richard BellNapja

    Blame on China’s president

  68. Alex Awwesome

    Alex AwwesomeNapja

    Conichiwa?!? Hmm... This is Japanese, not Chinese...

  69. Just Kitty

    Just KittyNapja

    I think all the dislikers are the people from wuha.

  70. SUSI Sch

    SUSI SchNapja

    Dis my lovly Song 🥺❤😍

  71. TiTO



  72. Winter


    is it copyrighted?

  73. Adamko Gallay

    Adamko GallayNapja

    alfons what you will do if will find like police or someone and he say if you not have corona ?

  74. Liam Dobell

    Liam DobellNapja

    Hell yea, I love this!! It's fire, gotta get this to spread like a damn virus

  75. Syakil Ahmed

    Syakil AhmedNapja

    Nice nice nice

  76. Jacob Longham

    Jacob LonghamNapja

    Chow lee

  77. Hy tki

    Hy tkiNapja

    Kto z Polski łapa w górę

  78. RecJulien


    I dont know if this this a good or not ???

  79. Alan Jr Walker

    Alan Jr WalkerNapja

    I feel immune to the virus now 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  80. zElectroHouse


    Corona corona con ichi ichi wua 🎶

  81. Brimstone Sternklev

    Brimstone SternklevNapja

    Fuuck yeah, nice one

  82. Elizabeth L

    Elizabeth LNapja

    3 years later

  83. Holidayin germany

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    Get the viral mix.